My New Years Resolutions

I view new years resolutions as changes that can be made at any point, so long as someone makes the choice. I’m definitely the type of person who writes resolutions or goals for myself every week in the lines of planners or to-do lists, small and big, some fulfilled more quickly than others.

That being said, I still made new years resolutions because I am at a crossroads in my life. This year, my resolutions focus on creating a lifestyle of wellness through addressing physical, mental, and emotional health while setting the right perspective. I’ve neglected my mental and emotional health for a while now and believe me, it has really had a negative impact. If I were to draw a cartoon, my emotional self would be wreaking havoc on my little mental self, successfully drowning, if not beating out 98% of its sane reasoning and logic, until my emotional self has absolutely drained both my mental and physical self, only 2% of will power and ability to look to the future remaining in my mental self, my physical self weighted down by chest pain caused by negative emotions.

But I am ready for those three aspects of my health to be on the same team! I am armed with a loving support system of friends and family, and I have made the choice that I deserve to be as kind to myself as others are to me. I am ready (and excited) to continue on this wellness journey!


In 2018, I plan to run my 4th half-marathon with a goal of being faster than me 3rd half marathon (2:20), sign up for my first marathon (hopefully the Marine Corps Marathon if I get through the lottery), complete one (1) full, unassisted pull-up, and deadlift and squat 145 lbs.

I’ve been happy with how much I exercise and have been for a while now, so my goal is to maintain that, adjust as new standards are reached, and use the process to strengthen my mind. This last point is especially important if exercise is used only as an escape. When working out recently, I’ve started to internally express gratitude for my healthy body which is physically able to do so many things I never thought I’d do!


In order to quiet and focus my mind, I have began practicing yoga 3-5 times a week and/or meditate for 5 minutes everyday. This practice has already helped me clear my mind, be present, express gratitude, and connect with my highest self. I have found that I am already more proactive, creative, and open in other areas of my life when I take this time for my mind!


Through my creative passions, I will healthily express and channel my emotions. Writing has always helped me process big life changes (and general existential dread), so now is no different. I have started journaling everyday, whether it is in my dedicated notebook or notes on my phone. I will channel intense emotions into creative writing pieces or practicing the viola. Similarly, viola and classical music has been a constant in my life that I will nourish by continuing to play in my orchestra and chamber group.


For me, setting the right perspective is huge in keeping to any type of resolution or desired change. I almost constantly have to check in with my mindset, refocusing or quieting it, because it can easily produce thousands of anxiety inducing, paralyzing thoughts. It’s hard work, but I know it will only serve me in speaking my truth and living the life I want.

Breaking it down. I process and take action moment by moment. The idea here is that all the decisions and actions I make by the moment will compound. I often get very overwhelmed, so much so that taking it day by day is even too much for me. But breaking down my time and focusing on the present has helped me be actionable towards my goals.

Improving inner voice and self talk. A positive inner voice is not always easy for me (again, easily overwhelmed, mind always churning over something), but in recognizing how many thoughts go through my head, I’ve started tipping the scale. Every time I have a negative emotion or thought, I think of the silver lining in the situation or think about something I am grateful for. Doing this has helped me immensely in maintaining positivity, healthily expressing my emotions, and looking forward.

Connecting with others. Over the holidays, my heart was so full after catching up with old friends and spending a lot of time with my family. It is difficult to be far from family, but I am so grateful for those who have made time for me and reached out to me. Nurturing these relationships is incredibly important to me, generating such love and appreciation at my core. These relationships have helped me maintain a grateful, appreciative perspective in just how much support I truly have in my life.

I feel that this year will bring a lot of self-discovery and self-empowerment. For those who are setting out on New Years Resolutions, I encourage you to view each moment and day as a new beginning, as a new choice along a journey of figuring out what works best for you!