Week 2: RnR DC Half Marathon Training


As January is quickly ticking to a close, squeezing in the amount of workouts I want to do is becoming quite the juggling game as I’ve found my plate being more full and more opportunities popping up. This week’s thoughts focus on keeping variety in my workouts and trusting the effort I put into them!


Earlier this month, I started incorporating a few two-a-day’s into my workout schedule. I have a day job and this girl’s gotta cook, clean, and cultivate her other hobbies as well! So needless to say, it’s tough to successfully maintain a two-a-day schedule, but it did make me realize two things about half-marathon training: 1) cross-training is important and 2) I love workout variety. The variety makes me feel physically and mentally strong in different ways. When I lift, I feel badass while breaking down the stereotype of women and strength training. When I run, I get on that runner’s high and am full of energy afterwards. When I practice yoga, I feel more present and more physically flexible. In addition to running, cross-training is something I look forward to as an opportunity to meet different goals and keep variety.


As much as I love planning, I’ve wholeheartedly welcomed breaking from a schedule and expectations, particularly when something that I don’t like and actually don’t have control over happens. It’s been said, but it’s true: You can’t control how you’re treated or what happens to you, but you can choose how to react to it. (And just because I say this now, does not mean this is consistently my first instinct. In fact it takes a lot of mental practice for me to get to this point) For me, this has meant staying flexible and not being so damn hard on myself. This week, I didn’t end up doing my long run on Saturday as planned because I ended up sleeping late for no good reason. I knew sleep was more important so I didn’t do the long run all at once. I divided the 7 miles between 2 other workouts to hit the mileage. Instead of a full long run on Saturday, I ran 3 miles and then hit a deadlift PR! By staying flexible, I acknowledge my current reality and adjust accordingly to still accomplish my own plans.

Compounding Action

Big changes don’t happen over night. Even when big opportunities arise, they are a product of previous actions we’ve taken that have compounded over some period of time. Training in itself is compounding action. It’s why it’s a terrible idea to run a long distance race without having built up endurance for weeks beforehand (learned this one the hard way!). Every time I cross off a workout from my training calendar, I also see the days that I’ve already put the miles and work in. It gives me a very driven feeling to keep going. I know that in keeping my actions present and mindful, they will compound and bring about a stronger me.

Reflective and Light Gear

A footnote that I still need to find proper reflective and light gear! Will gladly take any recommendations!

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