A Year of Fran n Fitness

It’s been a year since I started my Instagram account, @fran_n_fitness! A lot has changed in the past year, including my relationship with fitness, working out, and even my “why” for Fran n Fitness. One of the only guaranteed constants in life is constant change. Throughout that, working out and making time for fitness has been a grounding part of my life and routine.

Some really awesome concrete progress and events includes:

  • Deadlift weight from 115 lbs in May 2017 to 160 lbs May 2018
  • Squat weight from 115 lbs in May 2017 to 140 lbs in May 2018
  • 15 minute half-marathon PR from May 2017 to May 2018
  • Signing up for my first full marathon
  • Solo hiking in Arches National Park and Zion National Park

These are just a few concrete changes I’ve highlighted, in addition to progress photos, tracked meals and water intake, among others (right now I’m wishing I had done a body composition scan at one point, to see how those stats have changed!). Even more notably and awesome are the intangible changes and progress I’ve made. This past year of overall consistent working out and taking care of my body (physically, mentally, and emotionally) has been how I’ve coped with some of life’s punches. Earlier this year, I even reached two extremes. One where working out was a lifesaver, the other where I was using working out as an escape, but was able to recognize this and realign fitness in a healthy, productive way. At this reflection point, I’m really proud for prioritizing myself and integrating fitness into my lifestyle. I’m incredibly blessed and privileged to be able to do so. I am much more comfortable in new gyms, especially in the weight section where more often than not, is filled with only men (recently my worries when weight training are either not having a spotter or realizing my basic addition skills are very slow as I try to figure out which plates I need to add to the bar!). I love trying new fitness classes and activities as well as feeling good about crushing a challenging, new workout or being humbled when I get my butt kicked. I’ve become more in tune with my body intuitively with regards to nutrition, rest, where my limits are, and pushing those limits.  Through fitness, I’ve physically done things I never thought I would do or be able to do, I’ve made a home and routine in new cities where I felt isolated, I’ve created myself when I was in a relationship where I lost myself, and I’ve gained so much internal mental strength and resilience during some very difficult personal times.

Since being back in the LA area, I have not felt the need or desire to post as much to the account for two reasons. First, I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with and usage of social media. Since being back, I’ve felt more able to be myself, more understood and represented in my surroundings. One of the main reasons why I started Fran n Fitness was to bring my one experience in representing #asianamericanfitness, especially at a time when I was living in an area that I felt was not as overall as diverse as the LA area. Regardless, I still view Fran n Fitness as a small form of representation in a larger, important dialogue. In the past year, just the few people who have told me directly that they like my page or are glad they found it, has been some of the inspiration added to my “why” to keep sharing my experiences.

Secondly, I’ve also been practicing more mindfulness, being present, and relishing in life without making aspects of it known to the internet. In creating Fran n Fitness, I’ve affirmed that it is easy for me to openly share and write about myself, but it can be very exhausting, especially when it reaches the point of where I feel like posting is a forced obligation or I am just not being genuine. While I do like sharing, I am always striving to be genuine with what I do share, good or bad, making sure I am living my life for myself and not shallow social media gratification.

If you’ve read any of my other blog or Instagram posts, you’ve probably gathered that Fran n Fitness is not just about fitness. It really is an internal, self-growth journey via creating a holistic, active lifestyle. In setting fitness and personal goals, I’ve realized that somethings never end even when I reach a goal. Life is full of seasons of change, transition, and reflection periods. I am always growing and learning as a person, trying to approach each day as an opportunity to improve and strive to be better while pushing through my own days of laziness, lacking motivation, or abundant procrastination, and ultimately making the decision that will serve my soul!

Here’s to a year of Fran n Fitness and seeing where else this lifelong journey will take me. Thank you for reading! What have you gained on your fitness journey?